onsdag den 23. februar 2011

Short summary of the Volvo S80

I'll be writing just abit today about the Volvo S80.

Let's start out with the different engines, you can choose between when buying a new S80.

S80 3.2 (243 hk) & S80 3.2 AWD (243 hk)

S80 T4 (180 hk)

S80 T5 (240 hk)

S80 T6 AWD (304 hk)

D3 (163 hk)

D5 (205 hk) & D5 AWD (205 hk

DRIVe (115 hk)

So here's the 7 different engines you can choose, I'm sorry I don't explain it any further, but that would take me a couple of hours, and It's getting late here. I can probably do It tomorrow If you wanna know anything about one of the specific engines.

Weight of the S80 is from 2000 kiloes to 2200 kiloes.
Volvo got alot of safety in this car, the most remarkable is the new Driver Alert Control (DAC)
This system will warn the driver if he/she is getting tired, at speed above 65 km/h.
The thing about this Is, that It'll check you're driving routine, and If It doesn't match.. BIPP BIPP.. Take a break.
One of the most remarkable safety systems In this car is the... Intelligent Driver Information System.
I don't feel like writing a boring page about It, but If you wanna read about some amazing safety system, you should defiantly take a look at that.

The picture's Im posting now, Is from Volvo's own homepage.
Take a look at their homepage, very informative. 


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  1. If I only had the money for a nice new car :p

  2. I don't really know much about cars, but thats some really interesting facts.

  3. really like that car, although the interior is behind its german rivals in my opinion.

    what is the most powerful engine volvo produces btw?

  4. l33 v4n cl33f,
    http://www.gizmag.com/volvo-premieres-worlds-most-powerful-truck/10724/ - There you go. =)

  5. Volvo can be costly to keep up!