torsdag den 17. februar 2011

Time for my first post.

Now when I've explained who Iam, It's time to get this blog rolling, guys.

My first post will be about a very special car, In my opinion.
I'm talking about the Volvo V70 2,4 140 HK's 2003.

That's my baby, right there.
I can, with honestly, say that this Is the best car I've ever driven in.

Basicly, It's a station car(Stc), run's on regular gas 95 octane. 5 doors.
Weight is currently 1550 kiloes, from new off. < I've gotten it down to around 1400 kiloes, by replacing some of the parts, for lighter and more effective acceleration.
It's a 5 cylinder, rawr!

The dimensions Is as following:

Lenght471 cm
Width180 cm
Height146 cm

And here's a little nifty thing I love about the Volvo V70 series, their safety. So here's a Copy-Paste for you guy's to read about the lovely safety in this beautiful beast.

Euro NCAP evaluated the V70 in 2007 awarding it 5 of 5 stars for adult occupant protection. The V70 scored 15 of 16 points in the front test and 16 of 16 in the side test. The car was penalised 1 point in the pole test for improper deployment of the curtain airbag in both the original test and the re-test. The car received one of two points available in the pole test. The V70 was granted an additional two points for seat belt reminders of three available in this catergory. The V70 received a total of 34 of 37 points and therefore five stars (33-37) in EuroNCAP's evaluation.

Now... That's truly incredible.

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  1. That can be made into a very sexy car!

  2. nice car, going to google it to see how it looks like