torsdag den 17. februar 2011

Just started blogging.

Hey, I'm new to all this blogging, but I feel like I want to represent myself before I begin blogging about some serious,funny or even ridicilious stuff.

My name is Jonas Mortensen, and I happend to live in Denmark.
Small place, but alot of ways to go, decisions to make.
I'm working as a full time auto mechanic, and I'm in the lucky situation to be working for Volvo.

So this blog, as you might already configured out, Is gonna be about cars, and lots of them.
That's my plan for now, I would love some advice on my comming blogs, If there will be anything I can do better, maybe what kind of stuff I shouldn't be writing about.
And feel free to ask me about any questions regarding cars, primary Volvo' cars, since thats my specialty and I can with 90% tell you what the problem are.

Feel free to leave some comments guys, I will appreciate some help.

Thanks for now,

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