tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

Here we go again,

I'm sorry I haven't made any blogs In the couple of days, but I've had myself a practician running around me, and made my life miserable, and exhausted. Ah okay, he's a good boy. :)

We'll, I'll beginning with a copy - paste from Wikipedia regarding the Volvo S80, wich I'll write about tomorrow, Stay tuned!

"The Volvo S80 is a Mid-size executive saloon/sedan from Swedish automaker Volvo Cars, and was introduced in 1998 to take the place of the rear-wheel drive Volvo 960/S90 saloons in the model range. The Volvo S80 was built at the Torslanda Plant (Torslandaverken) in Gothenburg, Sweden. Unlike most Volvo models, it did not have a estate / station wagon version for its first generation. Now, the third generation V70 wagon is marketed as the estate version for the second generation S80 saloon. This is a part of a major product overhaul at Volvo, including a most luxurious large estate and saloon.
The first generation was notable for being one of the first Volvos to depart from the company's traditionally very boxy, conservative styling. The S80's styling, with its pronounced beltlines and tail lights that narrow and go from curves to points as they go up, was later adopted throughout the Volvo line, especially on the S60 and S40 saloons.
The first generation Volvo S80 had one of the highest crash test ratings in the world for five years.The second generation Volvo S80, in June 2007, scored the highest "good" rating in the IIHS crash test performance for frontal, side, and rear impacts, continuing in the success of the first S80 sedan, earning it the IIHS Top Safety Pick. The second generation S80 is better engineered than the previous model, in part due to a more rigid chassis."

I'm sorry If you don't like the copy paste, but as I said, I will be writing a blog tomorrow with my own words and feelings towards this beautiful and well-made car.

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  1. Isn't Volvo Swedish?
    And didn't they invent the 3 point safety belt?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. i own two honda's but i have always been a fan of volvo's....crash test ratings always play a big part in my car selections so its nice to see high ratings....good post

  3. very interesting, li love anything that has to do with cars.

    i also run a blog about cars :)

  4. T3CH, a Chinese company bought Volvo recently, and yes, Volvo was the first brand of cars who invented 3-point safety belts, and now.. It's a standard in all cars.

    Blogger1323, If you're in for safety, Volvo is one of the best choices.