mandag den 7. marts 2011

Time for some other cars.

I know, this blog Isn't about fast cars.
But beside Volvo, there's one other brand I like, and that's Nissan.
And what I mean by I like Nissan, Is that I like one of their cars..
The great and powerfull Nissan Skyline R34
I will be writing some stuff about It tomorrow. - But as a little taste of this great car, here's a picture for you.

Stay tuned for tomorrow guys, I will be writing some cool stuff about this car, and maybe also the Toyota Supra.

5 kommentarer:

  1. cool car but i dont like white cars

  2. Great Blog with lots of good info
    Help a bro out

  3. Definitely cool! I'm really liking your blog! I'll be following

  4. It's really a badass car, is it not? Simply stunning!

    Lovely blog, by the way. See you around brother!