lørdag den 19. februar 2011

Thanks for the input

I've taken your input, and decided to do something about it!
And how could I miss the "Picture goes with a thread" thing, I forgot how boring It would be to read all of this without pictures, my mistake! :)

So I've found some beautiful pictures of the Volvo V70, wich I wrote about before.

This is some of the front, and side (obviously) of the Volvo V70 2007, And it's almost the same as mine, mine is Metallic thou, But I will post a picture of it later on.

"I'm bringing sexy back, yea" should be the theme song for this wonderful car.

The standard interior on the Volvo V70, what a simple interior, yet extremely advanced technology is put in there.

Anyone said they needed more space?

My next thread will be about a Volvo S40 or maybe the S60, both are great coúpes with great potential.
Please, let me have your opinion on what to do better in the comments below, thank you.

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