lørdag den 19. februar 2011

Take a quick look at this video guys, It's about the Volvo S60R.
The only thing that bothers me Is that Top Gear rate cars by judging their speed, and NOTHING else.
Volvo Isn't about driving fast, accelerate like a 18 year old, or messing up the engine by driving around in 3rd gear with 110+ km/h.
Volvo Is about getting around safely, and comfortable. Shame on you Top Gear, for making the Volvo brand seem like a car for only old men.

Take a look on this video on the Volvo S80 V8, this warm's my Volvo hearth. -v-

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  1. The main thing about Top Gear is that it's mainly humorous, and really their reviews shouldn't be taken too seriously, I do recall some moments when they did review different aspects;mainly the noise the car makes.

    Followed, since this is interesting.

  2. Always been interested in this.
    Thanks alor for your blog, its quite interesting

  3. looks like a very nice car. thanks for sharing!

  4. hahahaha amazing!
    love it.
    Please keep updating your blog I always read it!

    make sure to help a bro out.


  5. Volvo cars are really good quality, a friend of mine have done like 600.000 kilometers with his volvo

  6. hahahah epic post
    I love your posts so much

    please feel free to show some love to a fellow bro!


  7. Dude that looks like the creator of Jackass...I suppose it isn't though haha. It helps that you have a background in this as you can add nifty details that one wouldn't normally consider in acceleration. You've gained another follower man. Keep your future posts as interesting as this and I'll return time and time again

  8. Nice post. Although I don't know much about cars I'm sure I'll learn more here!